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(Must have a vaild e-mail)
(Under 18 must have Parent/Guardian fill out the waiver)

  4766 Linda Ln, Bryan, TX 77807, PHONE:  (979)-777-3847
Saturday 10 - 5  public and private play
Sunday    1:30 - 5:30  public and private play
Tue-Fri private only
Zoomz Park Rules

Zoomz is a family friendly park. If rules are not followed you will be removed from the park.

1. Players must be above 10 years old to play in public groups

2. All players must sign a waiver and watch rules video before entering the park

3. Players under the age of 18 must have waiver filled out by a legal guardian

4. All non-players must check in

5. No foul language

6. No Fighting

7. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot

8. No drugs or alcohol on property

9. No glass containers

10. No metal cleats

11. No running in rest area

12. Do not touch other’s equipment

13. Barrel socks/covers must be on barrels at all times when not in a course

14. For paintball field paint only

15. Do not enter fields without a referee

16. Obey the Referees at all times. Referees have the final say on all rules

17. Eye/face protection must be worn at all times on the field